It is believed that the first co-operative movement was created in Germany by peasants in the 19th century, as a response to the prohibitive conditions Created by financial institutions. The Sacco received its certificate of incorporation on 5th day of May 1995. Its formation was spearheaded by employees of Surgipharm limited. The purpose was to provide a facility for employees of Surgipharm, most of who were scattered in various areas of occupation. The Unipharma membership (formerly Surgi Sacco society) has grown from 46 members in 1995 to 461in year 2014. In the same period, members' deposits have grown from Ksh53,000 to Ksh 41.2 Million while the share capital is at Ksh 461,000 thousands. The membership of the SACCO is open to all local and international Pharmaceutical firms and private firms. The SACCO derives its mandate from the Co-operative Societies Act 2004 and its revised Act of 2008, the SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) guidelines 2010 and its By-laws. The affairs of the SACCO are directed by the Board of Directors (BOD) as provided for in the By-laws and overseen by the Supervisory Committee (SC) with both reporting to the AGM. The BOD has the following sub committees: the Executive, Credit, Finance & Investment, Information Technology Consultancy (IT) & Education. Day to day operations of the SACCO is carried out by the Board of Directors (BOD).

  • UNIPHARMA SACCO is probably the only one of its kind in terms of diversity of its members both locally and abroad. We believe that we have members from every sector of the economy.
  • The challenge is therefore to foster unity of purpose in this diversity and to date the results are a resounding success.
  • The Sacco is also in a unique position, in that its management committee and supervisory committee members are professional persons either in finance or other management and business areas.
  • Every decision is therefore fully thought through, technically or otherwise before it is made.
  • Indeed, even annual general meetings are conducted technically and professionally.
  • To encourage and mobilise savings from members and thus economically empower the members by availing low cost funds to augment their financial needs, be in control of their personal development, and attain their financial independence.
  • To uplift members' standards of living through provision of prompt, quality, efficient financial services and diversified products while ensuring maximum returns on investment.

To be recognized as:

  • The Sacco of excellence that provides quality and superior services to its members.
  • The best managed Sacco in the East and Central African region.
  • The Market leader in the SACCO business.

Our motto

Bringing your money & financial freedom to you.

  • Streamline loan processing procedures
  • Increase capital and investments in related organizations.
  • Expand and raise capital
  • Attract, develop, and retain the best human resources
  • Develop appropriate infrastructure

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