Types of loan products

  • Investment
  • New Member introductory loan
  • Development Loan
  • Normal loan
  • School fees
  • Emergency
  • Refinancing/Top up loan
  • Loan repurchase
  • Instant (FOA Flex ) loan
  • College fees loan
  • Biashara loan
  • Ng'arisha Homecare loan

Maximum loan entitlement

1.Normal loanKshs. 300,000
2.School fees loanKshs. 200,000
3.College fees loanKshs. 250,000
4.Emergency loanKshs. 200,000
5.Instant (FOA Flex) loanKshs.1,000,000
6.New members introductory loanKshs. 50,000
7.Investment loanKshs. 2 million
8.Development LoanKshs. 600,000
9.Biashara loanKshs. 1 million
10.Ng'arisha Homecare loanKshs. 100,000
The maximum loan entitlement is determined by your savings subject to the above limits.

Personal data from members

The Society has implemented the first phase of Easy Sacco Management Information system software which will allow members to access their accounts online. To facilitate this members are requested to update their personal details as listed below:

  • Next of kin
  • Current address
  • Email address
  • Both mobile and landline telephones
  • bank details
    • account number
    • branch of your bank

Banking information

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Membership number
  • Any other relevant information

Society's banking information

  • Account numbers and other details can be obtained from the office


  • Members are expected to state clearly the amount they are willing to guarantee.
  • Do not let the applicant fill for you the amount
  • Period of guarantee
  • Ensure that no blank space are left out when signing the guarantee


  • Should supply all information required
  • Ensure that no blank spaces are out when filling the application form.
  • Should attach their National ID
  • Should avail certified original pay slip
  • Provide their bank details.
  • Provide original logbook, pin certificates and certificates of incorporation in case where institutional assets are used to guarantee loans.

The following persons, institutions or groups who applied for registration of the Society and have fulfilled the membership conditions shall be eligible for membership:-

  1. Original members who signed the application for registration provided that they comply with these By-laws.
  2. All persons, institutions and groups who thereafter apply for membership, and fulfil conditions of these By- laws.
  3. and present employees of:
    1. Surgipharm limited and its subsidiaries
    2. Sky Healthcare and its subsidiaries
    3. Namm Pharmaceuticals
    4. Dafra Pharma Ltd
    5. Amtech Technolgies
    6. Fairsure Insurance Brokers
    7. Pharmaco Healthcare
    8. H.G.Thana walla Insurance Brokers
    9. Ex-employee who want to retain membership.
    10. Unipharma Sacco Society Limited and its subsidiaries
    11. Ministry of Health & allied institutions
    12. Pharmaceuticals, Surgical , Medical & Utility related national and international companies incorporated in Kenya
    13. Business entrepreneurs and institutions approved by the Board of Directors
    14. Contractees of companies and institutions under category (3)above
    15. A person who is a resident within or occupies land within the Society's area of operation,
    16. A person who is in employment, occupation or profession which falls within the category or description of those in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Surgical & allied sectors
    17. A member of the immediate family of a member admitted into membership
    18. A nominee of a member of the Society
    19. Any other person employed by an organization registered in Kenya, capable of making regular contribution to the Society and fulfill loan repayment requirements

Membership joining form attached

The Sacco expects the following to be attached to the application form:

  1. Copy of ID(self and next of kin)
  2. Passport size photograph (self and next of kin)

Implication information of the joining form

  • Full names of their next of kin
  • Current address for self and next of kin
  • Telephone and email addresses.
  • Bank details

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